XL Syndicate Get People Excited With Latest Single “Long Way”

Genre-bending duo, XL Syndicate, which consists of members MP.XL and Rio.XL have exhilarated the audiences with their newest track “Long Way.” Blending ultra-modern and alternative sounds together, the versatile producers have created a unique fusion that keeps listeners hooked.

Long Way” is the perfect embodiment of desire and yearning, thanks to its captivating arrangements and honest lyrics, “Took the long way/ yeah/ In case there’s really no such thing as always/You make forever feel like an open doorway/What would it take to make it last/ Don’t know why I’ve never asked/ Tell me you wanna find our way/ we can find it/ we can find it/ Make it work yeah we’ll find it.”

Highly inspired by Soca, Reggae, R&B, and Hip-Hop music,  XL Syndicate incorporate their Caribbean influences into their creations. The multi-talented artists tend to be flexible in their creative process. They don’t like to stick to one specific method and that helps them get the flow running smoothly, “We mix sounds and elements in ways that make the sum of the parts something new.  A good day for us is when we make something that can’t be easily categorized.”

XL Syndicate are excited for their upcoming releases. In addition to “Long Way,” MP.XL and Rio.XL have a lot in store for the future. The pair never fail to surprise fans with their tracks that embrace their skillfulness and original vision.

See the lyric video below:

Listen to “Long Way” here:

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