With Two Singles Under His Belt, BlessedKingTheArtist Makes A Remarkable Entry In The Music Scene

From Cameroon to The United States, and from a student life to an artist life, BlessedKingTheArtist experienced many radical changes in his life these past few years. In 2017, after completing his University degree in Cameroon, he moved to the US where he had to build everything from scratch again, from making friendships to building a professional network. 

His natural skills to adapt to his new environment unmistakably helped him speed-up his success. Today, BlessedKingTheArtist stands as an artist who just launched his career with two beautiful singles, “Devil’s Gospel” and “Tennessee,” both very different and yet holding something from the artist’s personality and soul. 

“Devil’s Gospel” is a much more emotional and heartfelt release, as it was written after a tough break-up BlessedKing went through. On the other hand, “Tennessee” is the ultimate feel-good joint set to make the crowds dance till the sunrise. There’s something for every kind of mood in his music, so enjoy accordingly until the rising creative’s next drop

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