Why Future’s “This Sunday” Sounds Like Drake’s “Feel No Ways”

Notably, Future is credited as a co-writer on “Feel No Ways” alongside Drake, Jordan Ullman, Malcolm McLaren, and Noah “40” Shebib. The song was produced by Ye, 40, and Ullman. Those who keep up with leaks will point out that a version of “This Sunday” is believed to predate “Feel No Ways” by about a year, with rumors positing that Drake may have used Future’s song as a reference track.

Future and the “Summer Games” sequel denier have an extensive back catalog of collaborative highlights, including their 2015 joint mixtape What a Time to Be Alive. More recently, however, speculation has continued to grow that Pluto and the 6 God have had a falling out.

As of this writing, Drake still hasn’t responded to any of the recent dissery on record; instead, he’s taken the cryptic route on social media. But if Joe Budden’s recent remarks are to be believed, we could be hearing something “nuclear” from Aubrey and company soon.

Elsewhere in the We Still Don’t Trust You diss-iverse, fans are understandably quite convinced that ASAP Rocky tucked in a few Drake digs as part of his “Show of Hands” feature. Make your own determination here.