Why Elvis Crespo Paid Tribute to Diomedes Diaz on New Album 'Diomedizao'

Once again, Puerto Rico and Colombia have teamed up musically — but not for an urban song this time. On Friday (Feb. 9), Grammy-winning singer Elvis Crespo released his new album, Diomedizao, which is an homage to the late Vallenato singer Diomedes Diaz and includes eight songs adapted from vallenato and cumbia songs with a tropical merengue twist.

How was this project born? In an interview with Billboard, Crespo said it was due to a coincidence life. “In the year 1999, I was in Colombia and I heard Diomedes Diaz say it and it caught my attention because my dad is called Diomedez and my mom’s last name is Diaz,” said Crespo.

And two years ago, after watching a Diomedes Diaz bioseries, Crespo was captivated by Diaz;s story and the way that the songs were born, pushing him to work on the project.

Watch the full interview above and also learn how Crespo ended up working with Steve Aoki, Daddy Yankee and Play-N-Skillz for their song “Azukita.” Then listen to Crespo's latest single, “La Ventana Marroncita,” from his album Diomedizao.

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