Who Knew Baby Future Could Dance Like This?

Ciara’s one of the most talented performers of her time. But she might not have had those slick moves if the legendary Michael Jackson wasn’t around to show 'em how it's supposed to be done. Luckily, she’s an artist who appreciates music history, so she’s carrying on MJ’s legacy by way of her son, Future Jr.

With some coaxing from his mom, the lil’ dancer is seen here, with a fedora hat and all, busting a move to MJ’s classic hit, “Billie Jean. His moves were so smooth, CI CI took to the 'Gram to show off his skills “Young Mike In The Making??. Get It Baby! ❤️ Dance Cam. #TraceMe #Dance.” She wrote.

Ciara seems to be in much better spirits as of late. The last time she made headlines was when she blasted Future for skipping out on parental visits. But since then, the dust has settled, and Ciara is looking happy, as long as she’s focused on what matters the most –  music and dancing.

We’re not sure if he’s gonna be a rapper, like his dad Future, but one thing is for sure, Lil’ Future is gonna be workin’ the dance floor when he’s old enough to hit the club.

Long live MJ!

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