Who Is Floridas #LiTGoD???

2022 has been a year full of surprises to say the least. Amongst them would be the emergence of a new extremely talented Latino-American gangster rapper hailing out of central Florida who boasts a signature adlib “WOMP” and refers to himself as the “LITGOD” or more commonly known as Emac Money.

After an extremely successful first half of the year being named as an artist to watch in LA Weekly and in XXL’s coveted “TOP TEN FRESHMAN LIST” magazine,  having his face plastered on billboards all over the United States and even one in London, The snowball really began in Austin, Texas, where he would perform 6 different times at the “SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL,” Collaborate with fellow Spanish trap rapper “PESO PESO,” before going on to film his very first interview since his resurgence on “WILL HUSTLE TV!” Next would be a pair of trips to California where he would record a 5 song EP with the super producer group 808 Kartel, then attend the “BET AWARDS SHOW” and perform on the events pre show stage and after party at “SUNSET ROOM” nightclub on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame blvd. Closing it out by Linking up with Ace Magazine to showcase his talents to multiple top label reps and ARs.

He would finish the summer with huge press runs in Miami and Atlanta where he would make all the whispers in the industry become gossip out in the open, performing at “ROLLING LOUD,” teaming up with veteran video shooter “AZAE” of Chicago to drop his “FROM THE BLOCK” performance video of the highly anticipated record “GNA,”and attend arguably one of the most exclusive industry parties of the year to date at the Owner of empire music “GHAZIs” mansion for his birthday party.

Later returning to bring his talents to NMB teaming up with Dreamchasers signee and National Recording Artist Tafia to make the highly anticipated record Expensive coming soon. He would make his next move his best one invading Atlanta and Get interviewed by RADIO GOD STU on HOT 107.9fm one of A Towns hottest radio stations, guest star some of the biggest Atlanta podcast, and get co-signed by the “OG BIGGA RANKIN” himself after absolutely destroying a “TRAPPIN FROM THE BASEMENT” performance of his hit single “MY TIME” which is currently sitting at almost  a quarter million of the nearly one million streams he has amassed on Spotify. add that on to the over 100,000 followers he has collected on social media and We think it’s safe to say that giving Emac Money a listen may be  something you wouldn’t regret doing.

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