whiterosemoxie Drops “flavors” Video

With an unencumbered creativity that permeates his music, and a masterful sense of musicality to bring his ideas to life, whiterosemoxie marches to the beat of his own drum. Inviting listeners to see from the perspective of his mind’s eye, moxie shares the new video for his playfully distorted, atmospheric single, “flavors.” Cutting through its room-enveloping arrangement and broad spectrum of sounds, moxie exhibits a natural gravitas with his endearing rasp, seeking simplicity in a complex world.

Inspired in part by the neo-Western vibes of Jordan Peele’s NOPE, the video for “flavors” takes that concept and flips it on its head, opening on Moxie in the wide-open California desert, lighting fireworks beside a still, rustic windmill, before the track drops and sparks a reset to morning. Waking up in the bare interior of a worn-down trailer, moxie joins his partner on the hubcap-lined porch to take in the expansive emptiness of their surroundings. Before long, the pair go exploring as they seek something novel and exciting, which can be as simple as a run-down shack or old, useless car parts that come to life in such a barren context. As the video ends, it becomes clear that everything isn’t what it seems: moxie’s chosen companion seems to flicker in and out of existences…is she merely a mirage?

“flavors” is the latest step on the road to HUMAN BEHAVIORmoxie’s forthcoming debut album. Recorded in Detroit by moxie and a coterie of local collaborators, HUMAN BEHAVIOR sees moxie get deeply personal to talk about themes of love, loss, excess, addiction, violence, ego, exuberance, desperation, and joy, and while the stories are Moxie’s own, his songwriting is at its best when other kids see themselves in his work. More than a musical diary that tracks the varied experiences of a 20 year-old navigating life as an artist in Detroit, HUMAN BEHAVIOR is a focused examination of how difficult it can be to determine whether or not we are in control of or actually controlled by the forces in our lives. Home to recent singles like the unapologetic Wayside” and the striking whts rght.” HUMAN BEHAVIOR arrives later this year via 300 Entertainment.

whiterosemoxie has established himself as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking rising artists in the game today. The young polymath has generated over 30 million streams across platforms to date, including over 12 million on his first-ever release “whitegold.” Though he built his audience during the pandemic, he’s an astonishing live performer, showing off his live chops at festivals like Rolling Loud Miami and HIVE Music Festival. In 2022, Moxie showed his range on his recent Habits EP, a melodic 7-track effort that stretched his vocal skills and featured guest appearances from BIGBABYGUCCI and Daboat.

Always working, but never out of ideas, whiterosemoxie looks to make a major impact with his upcoming HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Stay tuned for more music and more details about the project.

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