White John & Rucci Drop a New Music Video

unnamed-5 White John & Rucci Drop a New Music Video

Annihilating L.A. instrumentals with reckless abandon, Inglewood native White John is well-respected in his city’s rap scene. Proving once and for all that he’s harder than your MCM and your baby daddy, White John shares “I Need Drugs,” a new music video. Blessed with a silky smooth beat from L.A. sound architect Beat Boy, “I Need Drugs” finds White John discussing his various vices in a deep deadpan, indicating that his affection for altered states springs from deep-seated pain: “Sometimes I sit in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall/Sometimes I hear the perkys call.”

The song features a guest appearance from the White Gurb’s Inglewood associate Rucci, who explicates his hardcore party habits: “I don’t need your love, and I don’t need your hugs/Just give me some drugs.” In the video, White John and Rucci party in John’s apartment, partaking in every substance in the book while computer-generated pills float in the background. The follow-up to “Dead Bodies” ft. OMB Peezy, “I Need Drugs” is a highlight track from White John’s Cases Still PendingEP.

Painting a picture of his chaotic and cinematic life, Cases Still Pending proves why White John (aka Mr. F*ck the LAPD) is one of L.A.’s most colorful rap characters. Wielding a laid-back, yet insistent flow, John sits firmly in the pocket of the propulsive West Coast production, crafted by the likes of scene sound architects like Beat Boy and Ace The Face, alternating outlandish flexes and hedonistic odes to the turn-up lifestyle with sober reflections on the realities of street life. The sequel to last year’s Cases Pending EP, home to the rapper’s street hit “Crazy,” Cases Still Pending is available now on all platforms.

Respected in his hometown for his unapologetic realness and fluency with slang, White John rose to local hero status in L.A. in 2020. He caught the attention of his city with songs like “Crazy” and “Road Runnin’,” racking up hundreds of thousands of streams on YouTube and Spotify. He’s been praised by the likes of Pitchfork and SPIN, and collaborated with Fenix FlexinLil House Phone, and many others in the L.A. scene. Look for White John to make much more noise as 2021 moves along.

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Cases Still Pending EP tracklist:

  1. By Yourself
  2. Dead Homies ft. OMB Peezy
  3. I Need Drugs ft. Rucci
  4. No Phones
  5. Switch On Me
  6. Thug Life ft. Rucci & Big Sad 1900

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