Which Band Should Reunite Next? Vote!


After The Black Crowes announced their reunion for their 30th-anniversary Shake Your Money Maker Tour yesterday (Nov. 11), fans are holding out hope for some of their other favorite bands from back in the day to get back together.

It hasn't felt far off in the past for groups like R.E.M., who partially reunited during a 2013 show in Athens, Greece, after dissolving in 2011. According to Rolling Stone, drummer Bill Berry and bassist Mike Mills joined lead guitarist Peter Buck on stage for his solo show, as singer Michael Stripe watched his former bandmates from the crowd.

But no one took a backseat to the Destiny's Child reunion that shocked the Coachella crowd last year during Beyoncé's iconic headlining set. Michelle Williams dished to Billboard at the time about how Bey reached out to her and Kelly Roland to perform a line-up of hits from their lasting legacy, including "Say My Name" and "Soldier."

"I love performing with the girls. There's nothing like it," Williams said at the time. "Something happens when the three of us come together. I just love the power it shows, the unity that it shows, that no matter where we are in life -- personally, career wise -- that we make time for each other."

So which band would you love to have reunite? Vote below!

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