‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Performs a Medley of His Greatest Hits With Classroom Instruments on ‘Fallon’

“Werid Al” Yankovic may not unsure about whether or not he’ll be releasing many more parody songs in his career, but his catalog has enough of them to last a lifetime. On the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the musician performed a victory lap medley of his greatest hits on classroom instruments.

Stationed alongside Fallon and the Roots, Yankovic barreled seamlessly through “Another One Rides the Bus,” “White and Nerdy,” “I Want a New Duck,” “Eat It,” “Fat,” “I Love Rocky Road,” “My Bologna,” and “Yoda.” The singer played a children’s size accordion for the two-and-a-half minute stretch of high-energy songs.

There was once a time when Yankovic was obsessed with keeping up with the latest musical trends and working out his position among the stars on the Billboard charts. Now, with the release of his final contractually obligated record Mandatory Fun and the satire biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, the singer said there’s a chance he’s ready to leave parody writing in the past.

“If a brilliant idea pops in my head, I guess I’d do it,” Yankovic recently told Rolling Stone about the prospect of releasing more parody songs. “But I’m leaving that to other people for the time being. I’m not retiring. I’m not saying I’m never gonna do another one. But it’s just not my focus right now.”

He added: “I’m just taking a little break from that and trying to do other things that I’m interested in. And again, if a great idea strikes me, then certainly I’ll do that. But I don’t want to try to force it just for the sake of feeding the pipeline.”