Weezer Cancels Broadway Residency, Citing ‘Low Ticket Sales’ and ‘High Expenses’

Nineties alt-rock mainstays Weezer have cancelled their upcoming Broadway residency intended to promote their ongoing SZNZ project — an ambitious year-long, four-EP release cycle corresponding with each season. The residency, which was announced in June, was scheduled to begin September 13.

According to a post by frontman Rivers Cuomo shared to his official Discord server — and subsequently re-shared on Reddit — the band was forced to cancel the shows due to “low ticket sales” and “unbelievably high expenses.”

“I’m very sorry to be telling you this now after we’ve already invested so much time, thought, and emotion. Extra apologies to those of you who cleared schedules and made travel plans to be with us,” Cuomo wrote. “I loved where we were going and I hope we can find a way to resurrect our vision.”

The five-night stint at New York’s Broadway Theatre was set to showcase each SZNZ EP individually (along with “a unique set of Weezer classics”), followed by a final performance billed as the SZNZ Encore — which would have featured “a mix of all the songs from SZNZ and Weezer fan favorites from the previous four nights,” according to a press release accompanying the band’s initial residency announcement.

Despite Cuomo’s announcement, tickets for the residency remained available for purchase through the event’s official retailer, Telecharge, as of early Thursday morning — and a perusal of the theater seating charged showed a significant number of unpurchased seats across all price points for each evening.

Rolling Stone has reached out to representatives for the band for additional comment on the cancellation.