Watching These ASMR Videos Will Definitely Give You A Head Orgasm

If you haven’t heard ASMR, then you’re missing out on some quality euphoria.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the technical term for what some call ‘head orgasms’, or ‘brain tingles.’ The deeply relaxing and comforting feeling is a response to some sort sensory stimuli and the triggers vary from person to person. Not to mention it’s a natural and free source anxiety release.

Some the most popular ASMR triggers include whispering, cleaning, making slime and nail tapping — some even like to watch videos pimples being popped or joints being cracked. But viral star Spirit Payton took the sensory response genre to the next level with her Youtube show ASMRTheChew.


Food sounds may not be you thing, but if you watch enough ASMR videos, you’ll find your niché. Hit the flip for more ASMR triggers — maybe you’ll find “the one.”

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