Watch The Regrettes Perform ‘Anxieties (Out Of Time)’ on ‘Kimmel’

The Regrettes brought their latest single, “Anxieties (Out Of Time)” to Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, offering the late-night show’s audience a taste of the band’s upcoming pop-driven studio album Further Joy, out April 8 via Warner Records.

Driven by heavier, more prominent guitar tracks and an emotionally charged vocal performance by lead singer Lydia Night, the Los Angeles band delivers an electrifying performance of the song — and reveals the effortless manner in which the group still invokes their punk rock roots.

“Anxieties (Out Of Time),” which recently received a campy music video directed by Raúl Gonzo, marks the fourth song The Regrettes have released in the run up to Further Joy. The band first teased the album — their first since 2019’s How Do You Love? — with “Monday,” accompanied by a music video featuring a cameo by Olivia Rodrigo. In February, the band dropped “You’re So Fucking Pretty,” a semi-autobiographical song inspired by Night’s struggles with understanding her sexuality.

“With this album, it feels kind of full circle, because our first album was called, Feel Your Feelings, Fool — and I think that that sort of band ethos hasn’t changed with every album that we’ve put out. This just feels like a more mature version of that,” Night said of Further Joy in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “A lot of this album was like us getting closer as a band and like writing from a place where we were all bonding over these similar themes. And I hope that people can hear that in the music and feel like they’re a part of that with us.”

The Regrettes are currently on tour in support of Further Joy, and will make several appearances at major festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo throughout the summer.