Watch Steve Lacy Parody Ty Dolla Sign’s Viral 2014 Freestyle

Since Lacy and Ty have both worked closely with Ye—the artist formerly know as Kanye West—and are California natives, the two have likely met each other, thus, The Internet member not meaning any shade.

In 2022, Lacy, Ye and Lil Uzi Vert got matching arm tattoos, shortly before Ye and Ty began recording their first collaborative album, Vultures 1, which released in January.

In a chat on The Breakfast Club in 2022, Lacy alluded to somewhat regretting the tattoo, although he played a role in Ye’s 2021 LP, Donda.

“I would get these different tasks, first I’m there programming drums, then I have the duty of reproducing some songs,” he said around the 4-minute mark of the video below. “I would always do my job, then go leave. He would always notice me when I would leave. I’ve been here five days, then I get a call, ‘Where you at?'”