Watch Smokepurpp & Travis Scott Get Attacked by Evil Strippers in 'Fingers Blue' Video

Last year, avid listeners Smokepurpp relished his bouncy collaboration “Fingers Blue,” featuring Travis Scott. On Wednesday (Feb. 7), Purpp released the unconventional video for the Deadstar standout with Scott along with him for the ride. 

The Cactus Jack tandem start f the video riding around in a car before passing through Scott's grandmother's house. When they arrive, they instantly pop in a VHS tape and are transported into a room bodacious strippers. While Purpp and La Flame watch the dancers in awe, Scott's grandmother begins stirring a blue liquid substance inside a pot. As she continues to stir, the gorgeous dancers morph into hell-raising monsters who savagely attack them.

Prior to releasing the visuals for “Fingers Blue,” Purpp dropped his “Geek a Lot” video earlier this week. Watch “Fingers Blue” below. 

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