Watch Miles Teller Belt Out ‘Great Balls of Fire’ in Extended Clip From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Paramount Pictures has released the full footage of Miles Teller singing “Great Balls of Fire” in the new blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick.

In the film, only a portion of the barroom singalong is shown, with footage of Teller’s Rooster and his fellow fledgling aviators partying intercut with Tom Cruise’s Maverick having flashbacks to the 1986 film; in the original Top Gun, Maverick’s late co-pilot Goose sings the Jerry Lee Lewis classic to his son (who, spoiler alert, grows up to be Rooster).

The newly released video features the uncut Rooster performance without all the sappy stuff, allowing Top Gun fans of the film to enjoy two and a half minutes of unadulterated revelry.

Additionally, Teller’s version of “Great Balls of Fire” also features on the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack alongside Kenny Loggins’ classic “Danger Zone” and Lady Gaga’s new power balled “Hold My Hand.“