Watch Megan Thee Stallion Debut ‘Motherf–king Personal’ New Song at Coachella

After teasing that she’d premiere music at Coachella, Megan Thee Stallion debuted a new song during her Saturday night set.

“This song is very mother fucking personal to me, and it’s to whom the fuck it may concerned,” the rapper said prior to its premiere; following the concert, Megan Thee Stallion retweeted footage of the performance:

A week before the Coachella set, Megan tweeted to fans, “I got this song that I recorded and every time I play it for a woman they start jumping and clapping. I think I wanna perform it at Coachella for the first time before I actually drop it.”

It’s unclear when the rapper plans to release the new song, which fans have dubbed “You’s a Bitch” or “Dick Don’t Run Me” and, as Pitchfork notes, samples Jodeci’s “Freek’n You” remix featuring Wu-Tang Clan.

Last month, Megan Thee Stallion dropped her latest single “Sweetest Pie” with Dua Lipa, and then hopped on a surprise remix of Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” at the Oscars.