Watch Jin Rehearse His New Single ‘The Astronaut’ With Coldplay Ahead of Argentina Show

With Coldplay, Jin is a sky full of stars. Ahead of the band’s live stream of their show in Argentina, Rolling Stone can exclusively premiere footage of Chris Martin and Jin rehearsing the BTS star’s new single, “The Astronaut.”

The clip captures a smiley Jin high-fiving the Coldplay frontman and gives fans their first look at the galaxy-like visuals set to appear onscreen during the show. The rehearsal footage and photos feature Martin playing his part on guitar as Jin sings into the microphone, though his audio has been muted.

Coldplay previously teased the release of “The Astronaut” on social media, sharing a snippet of the track’s vocals with Matin, who helped produce it, listening in.

“When I’m with you/There is no one else/I get heaven to myself/When I’m with you,” Jin sings. “There is no one else/I feel this way I’ve never felt.”

Tim Toda*

And earlier today, Coldplay shared a photo of the BTS star posing with the band following rehearsals at River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires. “First ever live performance tomorrow,” the band captioned the post.

BTS also posted a text conversation between Martin and Jin, where the Coldplay star asks Jin, “Would you like to come to Argentina next week and sing ‘The Astronaut’ live with us?”

“When we spoke about you having to leave for a while and missing the band and your fans, it was really powerful,” wrote Martin. “I think the song found its way because of that conversation.”

Jin responded, “Thank you so much for working so closely on this song with me and listening to my opinions every step of the way. I feel super honored to have worked with you, my superstar, my bro.”

Martin then sent his love to Jin’s bandmates Jimin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, and V. “See you in Buenos Aires, my bro,” wrote Jin. “I love you.”

Coldplay is set to live stream their show across more than 80 countries on Friday and Saturday with the special appearance from Jin for “The Astronaut,” which is out at midnight Thursday.

Martin and Coldplay have struck a friendship with BTS in the last several years. The boys of BTS were featured on Music of the Spheres‘ lead single, “My Universe.”