Watch J. Cole & Lil Pump Interview Each Other About Their Childhoods, Family Life & More

Despite the stark differences in age, rap style and more, Lil Pump and J. Cole may have more things in common than one would expect. After many assumed that Cole took shots at Pump on his KOD standout "1985," tension between both sides rose. In hopes of calling a truce, recently, at Rolling Loud, Cole and Pump sat down and spoke candidly about their lives growing up, their early rap beginnings and more. 

At the start of the hour-long interview, Cole reveals to viewers how he and the "Gucci Gang" star first became acquainted. "We ended up speaking on the phone," he says "Somebody called my phone and you was there with them. I ain't gonna lie, I thought you was trying to set me up or some shit. I was like, 'Yo, he's 17 and a massive troll.' I think you wanted to FaceTime right?...'Cause my album had just dropped like a week before that, so I thought if I FaceTimed you, I thought you'd just screenshot that shit and go right to Twitter and keep running with it more."

Shortly after, he lauds Pump on his intellect and how he deserves more credit in that area. 

"When I spoke to you on the phone, I was like, 'Yo, he is smart.' I could tell just from talking to you on the phone. You smarter than what people know, what people might give you credit for and I think you smarter than what you put out there...when we met at Rolling Loud, it confirmed it."

Both sides also divulge on their origins in rap, with Cole first explaining how his adoration for Tupac made him want to pursue a career in the genre. "Pac got killed in like '96. I was such a big Pac fan. I was in sixth grade and I felt like inspired like, 'Man, I'm supposed to say something.' I wrote a whole rap that was talking about his influence and effect. He was my first favorite rapper," he tells the young star. Pump follows up with his story and cites Smokepurpp as the catalyst for his decision. 

"In like 2016...I'd just be freestyling next to Smokepurpp," he says. "Me and him would be freestyling and shit in the car, smoking a blunt. He's like, 'You should start rapping.' I just started doing it.

Elsewhere in the interview, they both speak on their childhood and family life, including Pump getting kicked out of the seventh grade and more. Check out the interview below. 

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