Watch Genesis Play ‘Tonight Tonight Tonight’ at Final Tour Kickoff

Genesis played their first concert of 2022 Monday night at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany. It’s the start of a 14-show European run that the group says will be the last gigs they’ll ever play.

“When we do the final show next year, that will be it,” keyboardist Tony Banks told USA Today in September 2021. “So I’d say if you want to see Genesis, don’t put it off ‘til the next one. We’re not like the [Rolling) Stones].”

The setlist was identical to the one they played last year, mixing hits like “I Can’t Dance,” “That’s All,” and “Land of Confusion” with fan favorites like “Duchess” and Domino” and a handful of tunes from the Peter Gabriel era like “I Know What I Like,” “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” and “The Carpet Crawlers.” Here’s a fan-shot video of “Tonight Tonight Tonight” and “Invisible Touch.” (As has been the case since 1992, they only play the first half of “Tonight Tonight Tonight.” They haven’t done the full song since the Invisible Touch tour of 1986/87.)

The Last Domino? tour hit arenas in America late last year, but the band never went anywhere further west than Chicago. That meant much of the country didn’t get near a Genesis show. They have a nice consolation prize coming in a few weeks when prog-era guitarist Steve Hackett brings his Genesis Revisited tour to North America for an extensive run of shows that’ll feature a complete performance of the band’s 1977 double live album Seconds Out at every stop.

The Genesis tour wraps up on March 26th at the 02 Arena in London. They reserve the right to change their mind and keep touring, especially since they haven’t announced a single show in Italy where they’ve enjoyed an enormous audience for over 50 years. But Phil Collins has significant health issues and is probably anxious to wrap up his touring career. That will be a sad day for Genesis fans, but at least he gathered up the strength for this last run.