Watch Drake and 21 Savage Stage Fake ‘SNL’ Performance With Help From Michael B. Jordan

Drake and 21 Savage continued the troll-happy viral press run for their collaborative LP Her Loss Saturday with a faux SNL performance for “On BS,” complete with an introduction from actor Michael B. Jordan.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, your musical guests this evening, Drake and 21 Savage, performing a song off one of the most relatable albums of all time, Her Loss,” Jordan said in his too-flowery-to-be-real SNL introduction.

Drake shared the SNL spoof on Instagram at roughly the same time that Steve Lacy, the actual musical guest for Saturday’s episode, was taking the stage on NBC.

In lieu of doing actual press, Drake and 21 Savage have instead delivered an impeccably detailed series of stunts that mimic what a 2022 promotional tour would look like: In addition to printing their own Vogue magazines, they released a fake preview of a Tiny Desk performance, a spoof of GQ’s “What’s In My Bag” segment with 21 Savage, and clips of a mock Howard Stern interview, complete with an overdub of Stern’s voice.