Watch Dave Grohl Fail to Identify Foo Fighters Songs on ‘Corden’

James Corden put the musical identification skills of Dave Grohl and Hilary Duff to the test in a segment titled “James That Tune” on The Late Show Show Wednesday night. In the segment, Corden is tasked with playing a series of Foo Fighters songs on a keyboard for the pair to guess. The catch: Corden has no idea how to play the piano, which makes the game pretty challenging.

The clip shows Corden fumbling with the keyboard for several minutes until Grohl shouts, “Just play the fucking song, man!” The first song sounds like chaos, but turns out to be “Learn to Fly,” while the second tune is a completely unidentifiable version of “My Hero.” The best part of the segment? Grohl’s annoyance about the entire thing.

Grohl has been making the rounds on late-night TV in support of Foo Fighters’ new horror-comedy film, Studio 666, which follows the Foos as they set up to record their 10th album in a dilapidated mansion. The film, directed by BJ McDonnell and set for release on Feb. 25, also stars Will Forte, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin and Jenna Ortega.

“At this point, there’s not much we won’t do,” Grohl recently told Rolling Stone of the film. “It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone that we were going to leap into this new territory. At first, we were riffing ideas together about who should be murdered, how they should be murdered, who should be the killer, etc. And we would sit around at dinner drinking wine, just cracking up at all of the different opportunities. I don’t think anyone realized the extent of what we were doing until we got to the table read and there’s a ‘script’ and we have fucking lines and we have to act. That was a wake-up call.”