Wallo267 Talks about getting $250K FROM A RECORD LABEL

maxresdefault-1-2 Wallo267 Talks about getting $250K FROM A RECORD LABEL

Wallo267 talks about what he would do if he were an upcoming artist getting a 250,000 advance from a record label. He starts off saying he would procure housing without blowing the budget. He then says the artist should get their own studio together consisting of basic but professional equipment such as a computer, interface, and microphone. He then speaks on hiring a “Swiss-Army Knife” aka a person who can do videos, photography, and graphics to help support the recordings.

He talks about utilizing your skills and network to produce as much professional content as possible. He talks about adding value to your career by nurturing your social media and youtube channels. He then goes in to how to hire a small staff and help to make your career be the most productive it can be. He also speaks on the importance of traveling and touring with your music with the purpose of building a network.

Tune in to the video below to learn from Wallo267 how to properly kick off your music career!

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