Wale Feeds Fans With His New EP 'Free Lunch' Featuring J. Cole and Eric Bellinger

Fresh off his deal with Warner Bros. Records, Wale is hoping to make a splashy impact with his third EP of the year. 

Titled Free Lunch, Folarin rides solo on three of the five tracks with features coming from J. Cole and Eric Bellinger. Having previously joined forces on "Beautiful Bliss," "Winter Schemes" and "Bad Girls Club," Cole and Wale flaunt their lyrical brilliance on "My Boy (Freestyle)."

First, Wale zaps his adversaries  with steely bars rapping, "I know every who and who and every who that I'm around/And what you call a piece of mind, I call a picture for a bounty." Cole matches his cohort's intensity rhyming: "Run, n---a, run like a fucking black quarterback (uh)/Stereotypical, but to hear me is spiritual/I will bury you n---as and come and air out your funeral/Have your homies on stretchers right next to Roman numerals."

Prior to his arrival over at Warner, Wale released two EPs in It's Complicated & Self-Promotion. Listen to Free Lunch below.