#VINCI — Empowering culture worldwide

VINCI will provide solutions that fix these disconnects, improve creator access to revenue streams, and simplify how creators connect with their communities.

The VINCI SUITE is built to support the planning, funding, and growth of your creative endeavors.

VINCI is the catalyst for bridging the current disconnect between value creation and value capture for creators and their communities.

To create more fair access to value capture, #VINCI will be deploying and scaling infrastructure that empowers creators and improves their ability to reap benefits from their work. This will improve creators’ opportunities, and it will have an aggregate impact on more creative value creation due to more aligned incentives.

VINCI aims to accelerate Web3 adoption as the cultural catalyst. We want to support the adoption of Web3 because it unlocks freedom, transparency, and trustless proof. We are not only catering to Web3 veterans, but also enabling onboarding to Web3 for novices, with user-optimized, simple, and elegant interfaces, and with the benefits of user sovereignty, trustless smart contracts, and immutable, distributed ledgers.

Having access to owning unique items made by their favorite creators, users will then also have full visibility into their favorite artists’, organizers’, and brands’ creative output and the content they share. VINCI will be the one-stop-shop to manage the marketplace of culture, without all the downsides of the current concentrated social media landscape and other similarly unwieldy communications tools.

VINCI’s product strategy revolves around developing products that aid the creative industry by saving money and time, thus reducing the associated monetary risks and providing additional time to focus on their craft. From our perspective, everyone who generates cultural and artistic value and wants to make it available to the public falls under the definition of a creator. This definition is quite ample and covers an extended group including amongst others, musicians, artists, cultural organizers, performers, writers, and brands.

VINCI is developing solutions for each of the steps along the creative value creation process. Our full vision is contained in what we call the VINCI Suite: a deep, flexible, and scalable infrastructure founded in Web3 technologies that empower creators in their value creation.

#VINCI Products:

  • VINCI Ticketing
  • VINCI Marketplace
  • VINCI ARX Artist Royalty Extracts

VINCI’s strategy for software development builds on identifying and solving problems users experience when using Web3-integrated applications.

The $VINCI token powers the VINCI ecosystem and provides the ability for our community (1) to engage with our products and services, (2) to obtain real-world value from a virtual asset, and (3) to stay connected with VINCI’s mission for the long run. To achieve our vision at VINCI, we have developed the concept of the $VINCI token as an asset that derives its value from three sources inherent to the VINCI ecosystem:

  • A tier-based loyalty program that allows token holders to redeem products, services, rewards, and benefits
  • Mechanisms that tie token value and stability directly to the successes of our core product verticals
  • A revolutionary approach to interaction and value exchange between culture creators and fans

In short, #VINCI will aim to create a utility asset that users are naturally encouraged to buy and hold because holding creates attractive benefits that exceed the value of a short-term sale.

You can check out the Whitepaper here: https://byvinci.io/vinci-whitepaper.pdf

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