Vigo Blax maintain their evolution with “21st Human” [Video]

A compelling and truly engaging new voice to the contemporary hip-hop space is the German-raised duo of Vigo and Jones, known as Vigo Blax.

Now based between Germany and London, the international duo kept the flames burning over the lockdowns, trading ideas back and forth online and taking the events of the past year as extra metaphorical firewood for their hard-hitting, thought-provoking efforts.

Their third single of the year, "21st Human" was born off the back of the consensus and deep desperation regarding the George Floyd protests in 2020, with Vigo elucidating in an email statement that "growing up in Germany as a black kid I was confronted with racism throughout my entire life. Which is why I started thinking about the problem pretty early. I was trying to understand people's motives and to find a solution. Which made me realize how deeply rooted the problem really is. The song is my letter to everyone regardless of origin, color or political standpoint to really see and be aware of other people. To accept another persons appearance without comparing it to oneself. To see each other for what we are. Human beings.”

That contemplative and important message is heartily delivered by the sullen, moody and at times confrontational delivery and lyricism. Vigo melodiously ruminates to the matter, dropping one standout line after another with a sense of just exasperation, with the visual further compounding their motivations by communicating an awful lot whilst utilising very little.

Despite the heavy, and important message, Jones balances the energy of the track with upbeat aplomb, utilising their hallmark atmosphere to wholly envelope your mind, and urging further focus to the vocal. Their disparate influences intersect as much as the ones they share, creating a sound that touches on all manner of different shades, rock, pop and even gospel to name but a few, with hip-hop an effortless focus and prominent backbone.

Despite being relative newcomers, this inspired duo has achieved a healthy back catalogue of music in a short amount of time, so keep your eyes peeled for the next no doubt stand out release from them in the near future.

"21st Human" is available now via Goldamn.

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