Video Shows Bad Bunny’s Crotch Area Snagged by Dancer’s Tights During Show

A Bad Bunny performance in Puerto Rico took an embarrassin turn for the worst when the artist had a wardrobe malfunction onstage.

On Saturday (June 8), Benito had a show in San Juan, when a sultry move with one of his backup dancers accidently turned into a mishap. While the dancer began gyrating on him her tights caught onto his jeans and the two literally had to be ripped apart from each other. The moment got some laughs from Bunny and the rest of the onstage crew, although he and the dancer nearly took a spill.

The 17-second clip also went viral, and got various reactions, like one person thinking that the dancer’s actual skin was tugged by Bunny’s pants, while another guessed that his on-off girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, would be displeased.