[VIDEO] Ready, Steady Die! drop eerie video for “Darkstar”

British-American electronic music duo Ready, Steady Die! drops intriguing track “Darkstar,” with soft yet powerful vocals laid over an atmospheric instrumentation to create a spellbinding sonic experience.

A dark and haunting number about serial killer stalking women, the track is elevated by the accompanying visuals created using AI technology. Set in the late 1800s, the visuals encapsulate a foreboding vibe offsetting the intoxication oozing from the moody soundscape.

Comprising of New York-based Morgan Visconti and London-based Sam K, Ready, Steady, Die! strikes a balance between the disturbing theme of the track and mesmerizing visual efforts for an all-encompassing glimpse of their innovative artistry.

Speaking of the creative process behind the video, Visconti said,“All the imagery in the video is generated by AI (Stable Diffusion and Midjourney). It’san exciting, though unpredictable medium to work in. Every couple of weeks they’ll release a newbeta version of the various pieces of AI software. At times it was like sifting through drawings of anactual deranged killer and trying to make artistic sense of it.”

With a penchant for mystery and eeriness, the duo continue hone in on the macabre themes that pique our curiosity on “Darkstar,” giving us a perfect end to the spooky season.

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