[VIDEO] Patriarchy drops sensual yet impactful track “Good Boy”

LA act Patriarchy drops the sensual visuals for anthemic and hyper sexual track “Good Boy,” rooted in their signature explores themes of sex, power, subversion, and death wrapped up in a layered soundscape that’s disconcerting yet alluring.

Conceptualised as a tug-of-war between human pleasure and pain, the soaring instrumentation is offset by hushed and sultry vocals, the unique musical act is spearheaded by NSFW filmmaker Actually Huizenga captures her struggles as a female artist, tracing a cycle of reward-reprimand by the “good boys” who come along seemingly with offers of freedom and acceptance only to enslave and abuse her efforts in the end.

Brilliantly kinky yet with a deeper message that forces us to confront an uncomfortable reality how a male-dominated society pushes women into a corner, the track brings polarising audio-visuals to life, leaving us to experience a confusing mix of shock and disgust– which is exactly her goal.

Explaining the idea behind the track and visuals, Huizenga says, “The concept for the video is a sort of indoctrination into a boys’ club – that I thought I wanted to join- of enslavement, branding, release, recapture; rinse and repeat,” adding, “ The Good Boy was ‘there to help you out – out of your clothes… and into self-doubt.’ Now it’s up to you to stop crying, chew through your rusty chains, and try to avoid getting put in shiny new ones.”

A three-piece consisting of two anonymous male members and Huizenga’s powerful presence, Patriarchy’s artistry is startlingly raw and artfully raunchy. Drawing inspiration from interests spanning Ancient Greek Mythology to 80’s slasher films,there’s likely something for everyone to dig into where this anthemic act is concerned.

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