Vancouver artist Jillian Lake explores grief and moving on with “XVII”

Vancouver artist Jillian Lake drops slow-build track "XVII," exploring grief and the aftermath of personal loss as the world moves around you. With a delicate instrumental of ethereal strings and soft beats, led by Lake’s bold and emotive vocals, the moody folk track is a vulnerable offering drawn straight from the singer’s heart, tugging at our heartstrings with its raw honesty and relatable theme.

Weaving vivid images of grief and pain, the track takes us through the anger and sadness that comes with feeling alone in your loss, before leading into hopeful notes of moving on. Lake’s husky voice croons about losing yourself in grief and find your footing again as the atmospheric soundscape and poignant lyricism blend lonely self-reflections with much-needed upliftment.

On the third track from her upcoming full-length album,Lake showcases a growing evolution of her peaceful sound as "XVII," gives us a glimpse of the intimate song writing skills and expansive musicality that the emerging act’s career has in store for us.

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