Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Wonder Why They’re the Only ‘Rebels’ Left in New Duet

A month after releasing his 28-song screed, Latest Record Project: Vol. 1, Van Morrison has once again teamed up with Eric Clapton for an ornery collaboration. Released under the moniker Slowhand & Van, “The Rebels” is a duet of “Where Have All the Rebels Gone,” one of the songs on Morrison’s most recent studio album.

“The Rebels” takes the song in a more blues-rock direction, with Clapton singing lead and Morrison joining in on harmony vocals throughout the song.

“Where have all the rebels gone?/Hiding behind computer screens,” Clapton sings. “Where’s the spirit? Where’s the soul?/Where have all the rebels gone?”

Last December, Clapton and Morrison teamed up for “Stand Up and Deliver,”  which followed a string of songs from Morrison that protested lockdown measures in the United Kingdom throughout the pandemic.

Proceeds for “The Rebels” will be donated to the Van Morrison Rhythm & Blues Foundation, which Morrison instituted during the pandemic “as an emergency fund for musicians who are facing financial hardship as a direct result of the government restrictions on live music introduced in March 2020.”

Thursday, Van Morrison attempted to start a “Robin Swann is very dangerous” chant at a Belfast hotel, where Morrison’s scheduled concerts were canceled at the last minute due to Covid-19 regulations, according to the BBC. Last September, Robin Swann, the Minister of Health in Norther Ireland, penned an op-ed in Rolling Stone calling Morrison’s 2020 anti-lockdown songs “dangerous.”

It is unclear if Slowhand & Van have more music planned.