Undertow proves there are no limits with “No Sleep”

Australian artist Undertow releases colourful visuals for his single, "No Sleep," off his recent EP, On Sight. Animated by hip-hop artist Tenth Dan (Danimation), the video shows Undertow effortlessly showcasing his carefully balanced lyricism whilst continuing to build a perspective that is relatable which further showcases his versatility. The video shows this by its seamlessly simple animations that move in time with his quick flow in front of a different colour backgrounds. 

"No Sleep" is a song that reflects the rapper, where he rhymes about being loose and learning how to release himself from life’s everyday struggles. “Life can be so stressful with work and general life commitments," he says. "Everyone needs a release and that’s what this song is about.”

The track sees Undertow use his words in a literal manner, the way he raps leaves no room for even a breath of air. The rapper moves so fast, that his quick-wit and truth telling are a symbol that life can go just as quickly. The line "We come with no training wheels" really stands out as a true reminder from the artist that it's ok to make mistakes and that eventually we have to let ourselves fall. Undertow's age and several years experience in the music industry is shown through the song.

More recently Undertow has opened the door on a run of new music with the release of On Sight EP via likeminded Recordings, showing himself as an artist in his own lane that should be watched closely as his career continues to bloom.

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