Uji drops airy, beatless number “Lunay”

Argentinian electronic music producer Uji delivers tender track ‘Lunay,”taken from forthcoming album TIMEBEING, swerving away from the drums to whip up the only beatless production in the collection.

Led by an atmospheric soundscape, the track surrounds us with flowing waters, a soft gurgling backdropping a deep but delicate duet with dancer, healer and multi-talent Zola Dubnikova. Airy yet earthy, the stripped back number is an emotionally bare and soulful endeavor weaving a timeless love story tinged by longing.

With a floating timelessness infused into each note, the track is accompanied by a hypnotic music video, which is one part of the record’s eight-part film. Encapsulating a sonic world where everything is moves yet remains frozen motionless, the trippy but soothing track offers up an intriguing glimpse of a body of work that’s set to bring psychedelic vibes and rich sonics to the forefront.

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