Ugly God Is Dropping A Toe-Lover's Anthem Tonight

The last we heard from hip-hop's Lizard King, he was holding it down with the aptly titled just a lil something before the albumWhile an exercise in brevity, the project served as a reminder that Ugly God was indeed waiting in the wings, and has been working on his followup to last year's The Booty Tape. Clearly, he's taking his responsibilities, especially after his last full length was met with middling reviews from critics and fans alike. While we have yet to receive any real indication of what direction his album may ultimately take, it would appear that a first look is coming sooner rather than later. 

Ugly God took to Twitter to announce that he could simply wait no longer. First, he kicked things off with a brusque but effective announcement of "fuck it. new music today. bye." Next, he revealed the song's title, which is destined to please those out there sporting foot fetishes. "I Like Toes," produced by Oscar100, will officially be dropping at midnight.

Perhaps some of you have already given up on Ugly God. If that is the case, than you will find no comfort here. But for anyone still believing that the "Water" rapper still has gas in the tank, perhaps "I Like Toes" is the answer you've been so desperately seeking. Stay tuned for some new Ugly God come midnight.  

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