Tyler Pepper-Green impresses on his infectious new single for, “Regardless” [Video]

Born in Chicago, though raised in Atlanta, rising vocalist Tyler Pepper-Green has too many ties to both places to choose, sparking his, “Chi-Lanta” moniker when asked where he’s from. Utilizing his influences from both cities, he’s built a buzz for himself behind his penchant for smooth vocals and witty wordplay. Looking to further that buzz, he checks in with his infectious new single, “Regardless.”

Produced by Mixtape Seoul, “Regardless” is a feel-good record that relies heavily on the chemistry between the smooth, dream state melody and the multi-dimensional croons of Tyler. Luckily, the two mesh together wonderfully as they combine to create some of the better melodic runs to come out this summer, which is saying something. Directed by DollarSignDZ, the shots of Tyler and crew dancing on the beach to the record, juxtaposed with poignant shots of him cuddling the woman he’s talking about, make this one of the more enjoyable videos in the last few weeks.

Take a peek at the video above and be sure to stay hip to Tyler Pepper-Green.

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