TwoCeez’ Newly Released Track “One Of A Kind” And Music Video Are A Match Made In Heaven

North-Las Vegas-based urban poet, master lyricist, talented young artist  TwoCeez, previously known as Chilly Chillz, released a new fiery track and music video, "One Of A Kind," overflown with power and creativity. His sound is groovy and hooking; the lyrics are soul-stirring and unapologetically sincere with utmost straight-forwardness that usually lacks even in hip-hop. "One Of A Kind" is the artistic outburst of a soul that is both heartbreaking and empowering at the same time. The strong punchlines, the unstoppable flow, and the artist's deep voice leave no chance not to be obsessed with the track. The energy coming out of it is infectious. 

The music video for the track will keep you hooked to the screen; it blends so perfectly with the song that there is no doubt left the visuals and sound of "One Of A Kind" are a match made in heaven.

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