Twitter Praises Nicki Minaj For Her Standout Feature on Playboi Carti's 'Poke It Out'

Playboi Carti sent social media into a frenzy when he teased the idea of releasing his debut album, Die Lit, just hours before it came to fruition on Friday (May 11). One of the standout cuts from the project saw Cash Carti tap Nicki Minaj for their first collaboration on "Poke It Out."

The tune finds rising dual threat Pi'erre Bourne behind the boards, who also went on to produce 14 other tracks on Die Lit. "Poke It Out" sees the 21-year-old rhyming about his newfound lavish lifestyle while Queen Nicki flaunts her influence on the rest of hip-hop.

With Minaj gearing up to deliver Queen in June, she serves up a bristling extended assist to close out the track. The 35-year-old sheds light on the possibility of the "Magnolia" artist hitting her on FaceTime to secure the exclusive Nicki feature. "Playboi, Playboi hit me on my FaceTime/With the best feature out the Big Apple since FaceTime," she shrewdly raps, comparing New York City to the technology behemoth. 

"Poke It Out" definitely brought the best out of social media overnight, as Minaj's diehard fanbase and hip-hop critics alike came out in droves to give their opinion on the fresh collab. 

Check out the reactions to Playboi Carti and Nicki Minaj's "Poke It Out" below.

man Nicki come up with a new flow every week. i'm so over this bitch. This talent is ridiculous. goodbye. just goodbye. #PokeItOut

— ✨Tarek Ali✨ (@itstarekali) May 11, 2018

So that adds Playboi Carti to the long list of men Nicki Minaj has embarrassed on their own songs #PokeItOut

— Mad King (@SirenOf_TheRock) May 11, 2018

Nicki Minaj really ate this verse on this Playboi Carti #PokeItOut. Most her ish hard but I’m just really impressed with her ability to transcend the sound of this new generation of rap and her generation of rap all-while not comprising her lyrical albility.

— layton fishburn (@FishburnLayton) May 11, 2018

I just wrapped my mind around the verse.... “best feature out the Big Apple since FaceTime” @NICKIMINAJ UGHH YOUR MIND #PokeItOut

— BarbieDon--✨ (@DaRealKeyKey) May 11, 2018

“Watch flooded hoe -- I can’t even face time ⌚️.
B*tches gotta face TIME ----‍⚖️-- for their hate crimes.
Playboi Playboi hit me on my FaceTime--.
For the best feature out the Big Apple (®️) -- since FaceTime--”. #PokeItOut

— BILLS MARAJ (@BillsAhmed) May 11, 2018

I was so nervous to see how a Playboi Carti and Nicki Minaj collab would sound but it’s truly the “Best Feature out da Big Apple since FaceTime” #PokeItOut

— princess-- (@blondebarbx) May 11, 2018

YOU SNAPPED @NICKIMINAJ. So many stand out bars. “best feature out the Big Apple since FaceTime” took me OUT tho #PokeItOut

— ------ -------- ---- ------------ (@caliboycomplex) May 11, 2018

when nicki said “man it’s been over since playtime”, i felt that!!! mixtape nicki JUMPED OUT!!! #PokeItOut

— DASHAWN -- (@98HOODLUM) May 11, 2018

Nicki said “all of my buddies is tens,
all of my monies in yen..
all of my work is selling,
thank you and please come again” #pokeitout

— TZA (@Twonesterr) May 11, 2018



— Josh Maraj. ------ (@GetChoLife1) May 11, 2018

All of my buddies on TEN,
All of my moneys in YEN,
All of my work is SELLING,
Thank you and please come AGAIN.
All we know here is the WIN.
Fabolous, gone with the WIND.
All of this one of a KIND,
But if I order it? Get it AGAIN. #PokeItOut

— BILLS MARAJ (@BillsAhmed) May 11, 2018


— Dior (@NoelNiks) May 11, 2018

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