Turk NY is Jamming with Two Songs “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling”

After receiving much-deserved acclaim for his hit album Composure, Turk NY is back bigger than ever. This time around, he is serving us with a double feature of tracks “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling.” The double-take is an amazing representation of what the artist can do with his artistic talents. Although packing diverse feels, the awesomeness of each track is not to be missed.

All the way from Queens, New York, Turk has garnered plenty of singles on his rap sheet. Bound with captivating tunes and edifying lyrics, the artist is not one to be missed. The singles maintain a strikingly complex approach but mutually rising to fandom.

Turk NY’s confident charm and rap skills are extremely visible on these tracks.
The song “Only A Millie’” is an ode to take the initiative and keep things moving in order to reach new breakthroughs. The rapper talks about his path to victory stirred with confidence. The track also has an interesting music video, as the artist spills sick verses and interesting hooks. The second track, titled “Meddling,” is for a more upbeat crowd, as Turk easily spews engaging lyrics spread across infectious tunes.

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