Trump Fans Boo Lindsey Graham Mercilessly in His Home State

Hometown Hate

The disapproval continued for several minutes while the U.S. senator from South Carolina tried to speak at a rally on Saturday

Lindsey Graham was booed for several minutes in his home state of South Carolina while he appeared to help stump for Donald Trump at the ex-president’s rally on Saturday.

From the moment the U.S. senator from South Carolina was introduced into when he was at the podium speaking, the gathered crowd mercilessly booed him. “Well you want to find something in common?” Graham said, asking folks to calm down so he could speak, but the disapproval continued as he welcomed the crowd to Pickens County. The chorus of boos continued for several minutes throughout his speech.

Later, Trump told rallygoers that Graham could help him get “liberal votes.” “You know, you can make mistakes on occasion. Even Lindsey down here, Senator Lindsey Graham. We love Senator Graham,” Trump said, drawing more boos from the crowd.


“I know, it’s half and half,” he continued. “But when I need some of those liberal votes, he’s always there to help me get them, OK. We got some pretty liberal people, but he’s good.” He added: “He’s there when you need him.”

Graham has been off-and-on with his support of Trump, a man he once called a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” who would destroy America. But the senator has gone all-in during Trump’s 2024 election bid, playing his loyal lap dog.