TRP.P's “Never Leavin'” is a celebration of every memory worth cherishing [Video]

Roller skates and neon lights and go karts, oh my! It’s a retro wonderland in TRP.P’s infectious new anthem, “Never Leavin’.” The first single off of the Toronto R&B and hip hop duo’s next upcoming project, “Never Leavin’” is the epitome of wholesomeness. Crafted with a warmth that could only come from sincere hearts who love and live in full colour, TRP.P is bringing some much needed positive vibes to end 2021 off on a high note.

Vibrant hues and a groovy bounce make "Never Leavin'" all the more to love. The retro R&B track is emboldened by pulsating drums and shimmery synths, thanks to production from TRuss and soulful vocals from pHoenix Pagliacci. Directed by Devante Mowatt, the video for "Never Leavin'" captures the beauty and freedom found in childhood creativity that we could all tap into a little more. Moving in synchronicity, TRP.P and their crew roller skate into a world free from negativity. The empowering lyrics challenge us to look for positivity in any situation and find a friend in each other.

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