Trippie Redd Posts Up With The Legendary Timbaland

May has been a rocky month for Trippie Redd. The young rapper found himself embroiled in several controversial beefs with 6ix9ine, which ultimately served to tarnish his image; many recognize that Trippie is a talented artist, and don't want to see him going down a violent and disturbing path. Luckily, Trippie seemed to see the light, and recently apologized for his change in behavior. Plus, he vowed to remain focus on the music, as that's truly what's important in the end. 

In light of his epiphany, it would appear that Trippie has been attending the proper networking cocktails. Case in point, the young rapper has linked up with a legend of the Platinum Era, Timbaland himself. While we still wait with bated breath and ever-graying hair for the Swizz Beatz vs Timbo beat battle, the producer has clearly been familiarizing himself with the new generation. Behold, Tim and Trippie Redd, posted up together, no doubt exchanging numbers and or business cards.

Should they go on to collaborate, one can only hope their collaboration fares better than Timbo and Ski Mask's material, which was unfortunately shelved over record label issues. Either way, it's always good to see generations collide on record, and should Trippie ever want to attempt something a little more radio-friendly, Timbaland would most definitely be the man for the job. 

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