Trippie Redd Drags 6ix9ine's Mom & Daughter Into Feud

Trippie Redd paid no heed to family values and conventions. There's an imaginary boundary when it comes to shit talking, and it falls right before the issuance of things sacred to the one's firmly held beliefs, the general consensus being you shouldn't tarnish a person's name unless you are willing to answer for it. The latest development in their feud has Trippie filming himself on IG live covered in blunt smoke, exclaiming "fuck that n---- mom and his daughter," in reference to Tekashi and his closest of kin.

Trippie Redd and Tekashi's feud seems to have sprung out of fear of wrongful association. The two rappers shared similar career projections in 2017 when they collaborated on "Poles1469," using their shared profile to propel each other forward as a means to success. The amicable relationship came to a thundering halt in August when news broke of Tekashi's dealings with an underage girl. Sensing a negative fallout, Trippie was "smart" to distance himself before this too became a part of their "shared profile."

Between now and then, the rappers have traded shots, most of which centered on charges of Pedophilia, even resulting in Tekashi making similar accusations at the expense of teenage rapper Bhad Bhabie. Of course, Trippie Redd denied those accusations quite handily, seeing as Tekashi's credibility is often diffused with comic relief. One is more tenable than the other in serious debate. 

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