Trippie Redd Calls Out XXXTentacion & 6ix9ine For Allegedly Abusing Women

The beef between Trippie Redd and 6ix9ine has been going on for months at this point and it doesn't look like they'll be burying the hatchet any time soon. Over the past few days, 6ix9ine's beef Tadoe over Cuban Doll was brought to a new height when Trippie Redd shared a snippet of his upcoming diss track "I Kill People." The song features Chief Keef and Tadoe. 6ix9ine called Trippie out on Instagram for "capitalizing off of domestic abuse." However, Trippie still stands by the fact that he respects women more than 6ix9ine and his bestie, XXXTENTACION.

Trippie Redd called out both 6ix9ine and XXXTENTACION for domestic abuse and sexual assault charges on Instagram earlier today. He said 6ix9ine already contradicted himself following his post yesterday because he's friends with XXXTENTACION, who's currently awaiting trial for his domestic abuse case. 

"These n*ggas always contradicting themselves, man. You're so anti-domestic violence, right? But you best of buddies with this n*gga, X. A n*gga that went to jail for beating a bitch up." He said. "You want to talk about Tadoe. You want to talk about me being cool with my cousin, Tadoe? Like what? You're friends with a n*gga that beat a bitch. And you raped a bitch."

Trippie Redd then suggested that 6ix9ine and XXXTENTACION aren't getting booked for festivals and shows because of their open cases for "raping and beating bitches."

Trippie Redd then posted screenshots of a report from Complex that details X's alleged victim's testimony against the rapper. He captioned it, "@6ix9ine_ @xxxtentacion both abuse women... two different ways but very alike and you guys support it comment L’s say they better than me BUT I STILL HAVE THE ONE UP CAUSE I RESPECT WOMEN"

 Peep the posts below. 

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