“Tricky” Is California Talent CALYN’s New Single

“Pull up f*ck with me/My love game tricky /Like dope smoke sticky /Walk in look pretty/It’s so hard not to fold,” CALYN starts her new song “Tricky” like a boss! We’ve been watching this young artist for a while now, and her new single is just stunning. Smooth, slow, and hazy, at the same time emotional and yet urban at its core, “Tricky” will make you feel all kinds of things! At first glance, the song depicts a typical situation of having a crush, but on a deeper level there is more to this infatuation that will not only be fruitless but also bring one pain more than anything. A sharp lyricist and songwriter, CALYN is certainly in her prime and we can’t wait to see what’s coming!

Stockton, California-based artist CALYN is a 16 years old singer-songwriter whose signature style revolves around Alternative R&B, brimming with creative melodies and relatable lyrics. She lists the American R&B singer SZA as one of her main influences. A therapeutic channel in which to express herself, music is CALYN’s calling with the act of singing simply filling her with joy and it shows!

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