Tribe Mafia drops new Tiny Desk-inspired video for “Testify”

Over the last few years, NPR's Tiny Desk series has been one of the best sources for engaging live performances, leading to a legion of artists that hoped to be put on there. Hailing from Austin, Texas rising vocalist duo Tribe Mafia felt like they were the perfect fit for the show. Looking to prove their prowess, they check into our pages for the first time with their intriguing new live video for, "Testify."

Serving as a pseudo submission to Tiny Desk, Tribe Mafia members Dashawn Daniels and Chinasa immediately endear listeners with by introducing each member of their band, as well as featured artist Sam Sage. Kicking things off with upbeat piano keys and an impressive showing from Sage, the band then establishes their rhythm & starts to showcase their strengths, with one of the most glaring being their chemistry. Keeping things tight and efficient, each member of the band plays their part masterfully, allowing for the vocalists to solely focus on making sure the lyrics pierce through, which touch on the ultra relatable topic of giving your heart to somebody that doesn't appreciate the gesture.  

While the video may have initially served as a submission, it's since picked up a life of its' own as an engaging live performance during a time when live performances aren't as normal as they used to be. Be sure to check out the video below and get familiar with Tribe Mafia.

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