Trevor Jackson will have you on the edge of your seat on “Get To You” [Video]

“Get To You” is a twist on a classic love story. It sees a fond and frenzied Trevor Jackson vying for the attention of an ex: pulling every trick up his sleeve, but watching all his efforts fall short. He goes out of his way to make an impression but ends up getting himself hurt in the process.

The video takes “crazy in love” to an extreme, but brings to life a true story of what a person will do to win the heart of the one they want. The cinematic visuals, which Trevor Jackson co-directed with Autre Fish, are the perfect mix of humour and suspense. While the R&B slow-burner may bring to mind a picture of a couple on the dance floor, the short film for “Get To You” reflects a much more genuine version of the realities of young love.

Trevor Jackson, who you may likely recognize from his acting career, injects his passion for storytelling in the most brilliant way possible on “Get To You” for a wholehearted take on love without limits.

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Cover photo credit: James Anthony