Trayce Chapman makes money moves on new single, “NASA” [Video]

Denver based rapper, Trayce Chapman showcases his unique lyricism on latest release, “NASA.” The accompanying visual features sandy desert dunes and barren forest trails. The track stops and the video cuts to focus on a negotiation between the artist and a businessman. Chapman appears to reject the deal and hops back into his rap, “I been on moon we trappin’ out NASA, that slow money ain’t comin’ no faster.”

“NASA” has a simple hip-hop beat equipped with heavy bass and subtle piano keys. Each verse is calculated and fast paced. Chapman’s rhymes slide off his tongue with a smooth demeanor and effortless charm. He raps, “I been on true moon rock no cappin’, I been on my spaceship no lackin’.” The beat is mellow enough to be a chill listen but the bass adds a level of trap. The single is a well executed release following a clear and concise theme of space and extraterrestrial life.

As a creative director, Chapman is heavily involved in the production of his music videos. From the cinematic inspired imagery of the cover art to the melodic bars, his artistry is shown in every aspect of this track. “NASA” is the latest release off his upcoming project, Contraband 3. Boasting millions of streams and a cult following on social media, Trayce Chapman is an emerging rapper quickly on the rise to stardom.

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