Travis Scott's "Astroworld" Billboard Appears In Houston

Travis Scott's proclamations this week that his fans would "be eating" seem more likely than ever, as a lit up advertisement for his new album, Astroworld, has appeared in Houston, outside the Toyota Center arena. 

The sign reads, "Greetings From Astroworld, Wish You Were Here," in a funky, multi-colored font reminiscent of The Jetsons or a 70's alien movie. The words are placed over a background of space and stars, and surrounded with a blue flame. A fan originally spotted the billboard outside the Houston Center, and Travis also went to his Instagram story in order to share a quick video of the sign. 

Just based on the vibe from this billboard, one could imagine that Travis might be taking a lighter tone for this upcoming album. Regardless, this is the strongest signal yet that the release of the album is inevitable, though unfortunately there isn't any sort of release date written anywhere on the sign. Travis has been locked in working on the album lately, and has reportedly created an album that's on "another level of music." What we've heard so far from Travis is definitely enough to get excited over. 

Travis isn't the only rapper to drop a billboard today, as a sign for A$AP Rocky's upcoming album, Testing, also made a surprise appearance in New York this morning. Maybe if one of them decides to actually announce their release date the other one might as well. 

Check out a video of the billboard, as well as a screenshot from Travis below. 

Travis Scott's "Astroworld" Billboard Appears In Houston

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