Travel Back in Time With Lil Peep in New ‘Belgium’ Music Watch

Lil Peep is seen reflecting on his travels to Ghent, Belgium, and overall journey to success in his posthumously released music video "Belgium." The late rapper's estate announced "Belgium" and 18 other unreleased cuts would be released as part of the Everybody's Everything album, due Friday.

In the nearly five-minute clip, Lil Peep (whose real name is Gustav Elijah Åhr) first takes off on a plane to Belgium on April 4, 2017, where he's intermittently seen performing the song in its namesake country. Director Mezzy follows him as they galavant around a castle, stroll down the streets and see the sights.

"'Belgium' is a very special track for me. Artists' lives are very chaotic and wrought with pressure from all sides, but that day in Ghent, Belgium was one of the only times I had where I can say that I truly got to know Gus," Mezzy noted in a press release. 

He continued, "We fed ducks with an old man who seemed to ignore us, probably because of Gus' look. Gus said he was used to that treatment, but the 'ducks don't mind' that really stuck with me." 

Lil Peep's self-assurance and unwavering faith in himself fill the clip with solace despite the darker instrumentation outlining his dismal lyrics about a relationship he abused. The first scene sets up Lil Peep talking about a conversation he had with a skater friend who questioned his trajectory into music before clips of his intimate performance follow. On the streets of Ghent, his pink hair and face tattoos make him stick out to the dismay of older passersby. But onstage, he reigns over his loyal fans who stretch out to touch his hand. 

Mezzy threads together these tender moments before landing where viewers first started -- on the plane en route to Belgium.

"You don't expect any of this to happen, but it's like you don't get here without working really fucking hard," the late artist reflects on his larger journey. "Once you're here, you're like 'Fuck, I've done so much.' Like there's been so many sleepless nights and shit that it took to get here, so you're not really surprised though." 

Watch the music video for "Belgium" below.

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