Top 5 Most Prolific Rappers In 2020-2021 So Far

New emerging artists add their special touch to hip-hop, making the genre more diverse and entertaining. In this list, you can find the names of the most promising emerging hip-hop stars. 

1.Demie Cao

Demie Cao is a classically trained ballerina turned singer and rapper from California, USA. The artist has been quite active in 2020 and released her debut EP Thicker Lines. We are too excited to follow her path in 2021 as she already showed us that she will display more of her vibrant persona and music this year. Check one of her best works' Sage (feat. Holly) below: 

2.Jany Green

Jany Green is an Alaska-born, LA-based artist releasing positive and encouraging music. His hip-hop is experimental and mixes elements of indie, pop, and jazz to the sound. Jany is definitely a breath of fresh air we all deserve. His track 'Little' will perfectly display the artist's talent and style. 

3.AJ $now

This artist started 2021 better than anyone else on the list. With three new releases titled “Peek A Boo,” “Lawn Chair,” and “Way 2 Lit,” AJ $now displayed his radio-ready sound along with poetic, sharp lyricism. All three tracks have vivid identities, even though the artist's own style is evident in each of them. AJ $now pays tribute to 90's old school sound by bringing it back and breathing some fresh edginess into it. Enjoy the three inspirational pieces below: 

4.Snow The Product

Rapper Snow The Product is a West Coast Mexican artist who channels his strong energy through music. He is back with the new single "SHUTUP," which you can find below: 


Emerging from the streets of St. Louis, Bam delivers his eclectic style and taste in music through new releases. His latest drop is the absolute banger "Click Clack": 

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